Conference sessions cover a range of topics from monetizing social media to service-sequence success. As we explore using new tools to engage new guests, increase spend and drive frequency, attendees will discover that no one topic is really unique unto itself. Through immersion learning and idea-sharing, you'll cross-germinate good ideas to build revenue growth strategies tailored to your business.


Learn about how tools like big data, attracting untapped audiences and incorporating leading technologies can help you be smarter about targeting and engaging new guests.

Monetizing Social Media into Guest Visits

Arm yourself with the tools and resources you need to create a strong social media presence, attract new guests and generate excitement for your restaurant.

Mobile Acquisition Equals More Money

From text messaging to QR codes to mobile ads, learn how to effectively implement mobile marketing to attract new guests and drive revenue.

Navigating Through the Millennial and Generation Z Marketing Jungle

Learn how to appeal to an audience that wants authenticity and relevance served alongside great food and quality service.

The Different Facets of Hispanic Consumers

If a Hispanic audience is critical to your business, don’t miss the opportunity to learn the cultural nuances of appealing to this growing population.

Marketing to Tourists

Attract tourists to your restaurant by knowing who visits your area and what they are looking for in a dining experience.

Turning Big Data into Big Opportunities

Become your company’s data guru by understanding how pricing and menu strategies, predictive and daypart analytics and customer segmentation can amplify your sales.


Once your guests are seated, boosting their spend is your most bankable path to increased revenue. Discover how kiosks, promotions and product placement can enhance your bottom line.

Strategies for Service-Sequence Success

Coach your staff to increase guest spend through sequencing service in a way that fosters rapport and personal connections.

Build in Profitability with Menu Analysis and Engineering

Menu strategy can support sales like no other tool because every guest uses a menu. Understand how to use data and design to maximize menu-driven profits.

Power of Promotions and Limited Time Offers

In this critical session, you’ll create potential promotions and/or LTOs specific to your business needs and walk out with tools and resources to test.

Tapping into the Potential of Meal Kits

Meal kits present a new level of competition for the restaurant industry. This session will break down that competition and explore how to succeed in this rapidly growing market.

Market Expansion Through Retail Products

Discover how lucrative retail and/or product placement could be for your business and explore how to determine what might be right for your operation.

The Kiosk Never Forgets to Ask if You Want Fries

Ordering kiosks, contactless payments and tableside ordering intrigue diners and boost revenue. Learn how the best operators are putting this tech to use.

Successful Catering Strategies to Increase Sales

A well thought out catering plan can drive substantial sales growth. From catering formats to menu development, identify opportunities ripe for your business.


Guests who feel valued come back. And loyal regulars speed up business growth. Brainstorm how loyalty programs, emails and data can convert first-time diners into regulars.

Simple Internet Based Frequency Programs that Work

Increasing guest frequency is the easiest, fastest and most economical way to increase your sales. Learn which platforms and social media channels will impact your guest counts the most.

Take Your Loyalty Program to the Next Level

Understand how loyalty programs work and how to determine what type of program will motivate your diners.

Collect and Leverage Meaningful Data

Learn how to collect the right data to gain superior insight you can use to develop powerful frequency strategies.

Creating a Unique Point of Difference with Your Bar/Alcohol Program

Unique cocktail experiences will bring your guests back. Obtain useable examples of cocktail programs you can implement to improve your experience, sales results and frequency.

Leveraging New Store Design to Increase Frequency

Whether it is a simple facelift or a dramatic makeover, determine the best re-design that will inspire guests to return time and again.